(This review was posted when the book was entitled Dalton’s Last Stand.)

Melody USA

I bought Dalton’s Last Stand, by Anita M Shaw for my daughter to do a book report for school. I read aloud to her, and I ended up liking the book as much as my daughter did.

What I liked about this book, as a parent, is that it is true to life. While the children have to come up with their own solutions to problems, they have a real relationship with their parents. The parents are neither too perfect, nor too cruel. Nor are they clueless idiots just there to make the kids look smarter.

The story is geared to 8 – 10 year olds, though any age might enjoy the story. Fifth graders, Jerrianna and Jeoffrey Kingsley and most of their classmates are tired of listening to Ralph Henry Dalton’s arrogant bragging. He lives on the best street in the best town, has the best of everything and no one else could possibly out do him in anything.

Jerrianna comes up with an ingenious plan to put Ralph Henry in his place. Hold an air hockey tournament at their house and whoever is the winner plays against her Mystery Guest player . . . which is their new pet, a seven toed cat named Snowshoe Mal who loves to play air hockey—when she’s in the mood.

Jeoffrey, always the pessimist, is certain this plan is doomed to failure, and that his family will be chased out of town for allowing Ralph Henry such an easy win. He’d like to just hide the cat away on that fateful day, so his mom would be forced to take Malley’s place as Mystery Guest.

And when that day comes, some guests show up the twins weren’t expecting. Puts a totally different spin on their event!

My daughter liked finding out that some of the children’s weakness had also been their parents’ problems when they were young. She enjoyed finding out how helpful an animal can be in helping kids cope with stressful situations.

The story is told first person by Jeoffrey. It’s an easy read and the dialogue is pretty much what normal kids say. I am looking forward to trying more books in this series when they come out.


Tina P.

Very cute story. Kids were believable. Enjoyed.