Sweet Site!

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It’s finally live! And I’m very happy with what I was able to do in Divi. I feel like such a Pro! I feel much more inspired to keep updating that I have been in the past. Of course, part of it has been life and health issues.

I’ve had a heart attack, broken bones, fun days coping with high blood sugar, finally had a triple bypass in 2021. Then there were the loss of family members and friends. And our little doggie, Kai Cei.

Everyone goes through these things and more. But I also struggle with depression, and that can take motivation right away from you, can’t it? I’m sure you’re going through something right now yourself. May you come through it with flying colors!

I’m going to be getting back into finishing the stories I’ve started, and begin to plan the next Kingsley twins story.

Also, am going to look for a new cover for the first one. Not really happy with it. Just wasn’t the right artist for the job, and they didn’t seem to want to make any of the changes I wanted made. Like making the kids look ten/eleven years old. Why that was so hard to do, I haven’t a clue. I think I could have found a designer on Fiverr that would have done better. I am thrilled with the newest title though! Wish I’d thought of it sooner! It was there staring at me all along and I never saw it until now.

I have a new kitty short story I’m doing the final edits on. It’ll be published to Amazon first, and then later everywhere. I’m going to try their Select program – if short stories can be in that. Then, depending on how that works, I’ll either keep it there for a bit longer, or go ahead and publish it everywhere.

Finding a good cover is something I’m looking into now. Fiverr, here I come!